About Healthy Animal Products

Healthy Animal Products, pioneered by Sally Anderson (formerly Sally Gregory), has a unique approach to equine health. Where most companies capitalise on extensive ranges of “vital products” it instead focuses on a balanced diet for a horse. Healthy Animal Products has evolved through Sally’s personal needs for a good quality and simple feeding regime which she can tailor to each of her her own horses needs.

Sally and her horse Twiggy

Sally and her horse Twiggy

Sally’s business grew from her unique circumstances. She worked for many years as an Animal Health Advisor in her family run farm animal health business – P P Gregory Ltd., giving her access to some of the best animal nutritionists in the country.

Sally has a Masters Degree in Chemistry from the University of Manchester as well as her SQP qualification in animal health, giving her a thorough understanding of exactly what goes into her products and exactly what your horse needs.

Sally also benefits from her mother, Alison Gregory, whose series of books “School to Succeed” are rapidly gaining worldwide recognition due to a lifetime experience in the equine world.

As you can see, Healthy Animal Products gives a very personal service. When you call you will speak to Sally and please do call with any enquiries; between the family you are sure to find help!

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! For everything else take a look at our blog, join us on facebook and twitter to receive updates and deals!